Friday, August 26, 2011

Hetters Gonna Het

October 31st, 1939:
Touche, Het. Having been born and raised in the New York metropolitan area and having lived in Manhattan, I know that I can be a bit of a male Maisie. There's just no place like NYC. See, there I go! Maybe next time this man's a-knockin' I'll think of Het's words to rock me back down to earth.

But I wonder about the specifics of this scene. Was the movie very pro-small town life? Or made by a local production company? I mean, they could have just seen King Kong, right? Maybe they did and Maisie felt it represented New York poorly. Or was she just generally knocking the small-town moviegoing experience? "A New York theater's got padded seats, better candy, and nobody brings their cow!"

Most likely she was just afraid to call any idea swell that she herself didn't come up with. Sounds like someone I know.


  1. Post title courtesy of Amber.

  2. It's the big city blasé attitude, of course. But it's funny that her name is Maisie, which is something I usually associate with cows and country livin'.

  3. Well you name her some big-city name and no will will no what the hell's going on, ha.

    It's just odd they chose a movie though, the more I think about this. I feel like I'd knock a movie just because of who I am, not because I'm a fan of NYC. Whereas my NYC-ness IS what would cause me to knock an experience or place in some other town. Like, I like Curatorium but there's one on every block in New York. And I just saw a Spike Lee movie that I didn't like as much as his others, but it wasn't because I'm an NYC person. The fact that it was filmed right near where I used to live in NYC is one of the things I DID like about it.

    This blog will be an extension of Jere-Amber e-mails until the masses discover it....

  4. I think the NYC people knock stuff like restaurants since they have the best of the best, usually.

  5. consider yourselves discovered....

  6. Woohoo!

    I was going to mention this place on ARSFFPT, but decided to wait till the off-season