Friday, September 23, 2011

Double Hetter: Whine, Whine, Whine

Boston's big sports radio station (which I generally try to avoid) has a daily segment called the "whiner line," where callers can vent about their favorite teams. But if you listen at any other time, you'll see that the whole damn thing is a whiner line. Which is interesting, since all four of the Boston sports teams have won championships recently. In sports, as well as in life, there's a tendency to complain loudly when things are going wrong. Or even if one little thing is going wrong among a plethora of rights. A hair in your soup? I'm calling the health department! A bad wiring job? I'm calling the BBB! A nipple on TV? I'm calling the FCC!

But when was the last time anybody called any of these people to tell them everything's going fine? These two very similar Hets show that society has been like this for a long time.

I'm starting a new trend. I'm calling 9-1-1 right now to let them know that they need not worry; I'm doing just fine, having an emergency-free day. Oooh, and if they get mad and say I'm tying up the line for potential emergencies, I am so reporting them....

Friday, September 2, 2011

Double Hetter: Child Labor

March 31st, 1938, and January 6th, 1950:

Why hire help when you can have kids? In the cartoon on the left, Het tells us that it's those dirty farmers who put their own children to work rather than paying strangers. But twelve years later, she's admitting that she uses her own adult children for the same purpose.

Isn't it weird to see the term "birth control" in A. a comic strip and B. 1938?